Ayurveda Health & Nutrition Consultations

An individually adapted Ayurveda diet with herbs, spices and different kinds of foods helps to maintain the balance in our bodies and minds.

You will learn what kinds of food are good for you and what kinds of food combinations you should avoid. You will get the chance to try out new recipes appropriate for your own personal constitution as well as your family members’. You will also learn about spices and herbs and their effects, so that you can use them accordingly in your daily life.

Nutrition as medicine: specific Ayurveda diets for certain chronic diseases or ailments can also help reduce symptoms.

I also offer individual, holistic Ayurveda detoxification and purification treatments with personal coaching.

A nutrition consultation includes coaching and a selection of diets and foods specifically adapted to your constitution.

·Ayurveda Nutritional Consultation

We will establish what kind of food, what products and recipes are good for you, so that you can obtain a physical and mental balance that is adapted to your constitution, i.e. your specific body type. 

2 hours (120 min.), incl. beverages: 200.- CHF 


Kumuduni Anita S. Röllin